Saturday, February 5, 2011

Alternative Grains

I love this article my friend Kate posted about 5 alternatives to traditional grains.  (She also promises to share a recipe for a great tried and true multi-grain bread.)  The article highlights quinoa, buckwheat, flax, amaranth, and spelt.  I haven't had any experience with amaranth but now I'm planning to hit the bulk bins at Sunflower Market and make some amaranth stir-fried with garlic as they suggest.  (Anything with garlic sounds good to me.)  I tried buckwheat noodles the other day (soba) and loved them.  I wondered, "Why are we eating wheat pasta when we could have buckwheat pasta-which tastes so much better?"  There are so many other grains than wheat with growing availability, maybe due to the rising number of documented wheat allergies.  Happy grain finding and eating everyone!

And, P.S., Go Steelers!  (I have to say that, I'm originally from Pittsburgh.)  How about this site for some black and gold appetizers?  Or Susan's black and gold salsa or my similar bean dip with baked chips?

 Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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Jessica said...


I love quinoa!!! it's one of my favorite grains!!

Enjoy your Super Bowl (I've never watched it before!)