Saturday, February 12, 2011

Inspiration: Vegan Hope

I'm so inspired by this gal on and I love the article she posted called " The difference between a “junk food vegan” and a “whole foods vegan” (By John Pierre)  She lost 200 lbs going plant based and her husband lost 90!

Her facebook read, the other day: "Today I went to the eye dr for a check up. I was able to see my eyes, and how they look after being on a healthy vegan diet for almost 2 years. It was yet another affirmation about the way I've decided to live our life. I have no more eye damage from out of control diabetes, and my vision has actually drastically improved.

My husband told me that he remembers crying after one of my eye dr. appointments because he realized what they were saying was that one day I would not be able to see him. Today, that fear is something we never have to worry about again. This way of living and eating does not just control a disease, it heals and cures it - there is no better feeling."

Check out her site for more inspiration and the post reminding us to eat whole foods, not 'vegan' labelled junk food!

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