Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pomegranate Tutorial

Everyone else does tutorial, why not me?  Remember the pomegranate craze...right before the acai berrry craze?  Well, health crazes, in my opinion, are great even if they are short-lived.  And even if the people who promised taking acai berry capsules would make people instantly thin, were lying (sort of,) it still created more interest in health.  Which is great, right?  Fruits, veggies, spices and beans contain anti-oxidants, and usually the darker the color, the higher the ORAC score and pomegranate has one of the highest.  (Here is the definition of ORAC and a small chart of scores.  Notice where chocolate is on the chart-or cocoa really)  Anyway, if you didn't know this is the easiest way extract the seeds from your beautiful pom:

Crack that baby open.  (It will splatter less of its beautiful purple juice on your counters if you try to do this underwater.) Immerse in water.

Pull everything apart and pop out the seeds.  Swish water around and the seeds will fall to the bottom, the connective fibers will float to the top.

Enjoy your pomegranates as an easy snack or google some pom recipes!  I have a couple I've been meaning to try...
Ok maybe it wasn't long enough to be considered at tute, but a friend said she had never seen this trick so I thought I'd share.  It's a great way to get the seeds out all at once- unless you need something to keep you busy and want to do it seed-by-seed, like sitting and watching a movie. :)

On a side note:  How cute is this little baby pear?  It is called a 'forelle' pear and is the perfect size for little hands.  Pictured here by two red pears, you can tell it's ripe when its green skin gets red freckles.

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