Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Stir-fry by Mika

My friend threw this together when she was over one day. To her it's effortless but to me the taste is amazing and completely different than anything I grew up with. It doesn't compare to the chewy meat and soggy broccoli that used to be my idea of stir-fry.

Bean threads (I found mine in my local grocery store. They are dry thin noodles on the shelf in the asian section. You can use vermicilli or rice noodles instread.)

Firm Tofu

Miso (I also found some on the shelf of my grocery store. But usually it is found in the fridge section at the health food store) (It just adds a delicious flavor)

Purple cabbage

Chick Peas

Green Onions

Any other veggies- I used red peppers last time and zucchini once

Bean sprouts
Soy Sauce

Soak the bean threads in water. Meanwhile dice veggies and tofu. Soak tofu in some miso (may need to water down miso into paste). In skillet or wok saute veggies, cooking what needs to cook longer first (cabbage) and end with the tofu. Cut the bean threads into inch pieces then add to the last couple minutes of cooking. They cook really fast so let them get glossy but not gluey. You can leave the bean sprouts out till the end too- a little crunch is good. Add a little soy sauce to your individual serving and enjoy.

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