Monday, September 21, 2009

Spring Rolls by Mika

My friend, who is an amazing cook, came over and made this for me. I love her showing me new ways to cook from different ethnicities. The ingredients might not sound too appetizing if you are only used to American-style cooking. But if you open your mind you will love it. You will find the combination of the creamy tofu, the crunchy outside and the spicy, sweet dipping sauce amazing. I found the dried mushrooms and rice noodles in the ethnic section of my grocery store. I had to go to an Asian market to buy the dried fungus.


Dried fungus

Dried black mushrooms

Rice noodles

Onion (green or yellow)

Yam, grated

Firm tofu

Salt, pepper, sugar

opt: eggplant, bean sprouts, grated carrot

Sauce: vinegar, sugar, chili sauce (in the jar), and a squirt of lime

Canola oil


Soak the fungus, black mushrooms and rice noodles. Chop up. Add to grated yam and chopped up tofu. Add a little salt, pepper, and sugar. (You will just have to play with the quantities! We didn't measure.) Roll up in spring roll wrappers and fry. Stir together the dipping sauce, micro waving the vinegar and sugar to dissolve first.

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