Sunday, August 30, 2009

Black Bean Burgers by Me

This has been my favorite recipe so far.

1 can black beans
1 onion, chopped
½ red pepper, chopped
½ can diced tomatoes with chilies (I do mild for my kids)
½ can corn

Egg replacer or some kind (1 T ground flax seeds plus 3 T water.  Soak for a minute)
Bread crumbs or oatmeal

Mash the black beans. Sautee the other ingredients. Combine and add egg replacer and enough bread crumbs/oatmeal till desired consistency is reached.  Press into patties. Cook in a little oil in the fry pan. (Just put them in and leave them till they are getting black. Don’t keep moving them because they’ll fall apart) Serve on toasted whole grain bread with a little ketchup

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Veganomics said...

drain everything really well and don't touch them after you put them in the pan. wait till they're browned then flip them. they will fall apart if you mess with them too much.