Saturday, April 2, 2011

Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream

There are a lot of vegan and raw ice cream recipes out there.  I remember googling it once and finding a ton.  I think I even remember a blog called "Even Vegans Scream for Ice Cream."  You can make some great ice cream using coconut milk and an ice cream maker.  I've even blended up some coconut milk, vanilla bean, cocoa powder and agave; poured in ice cube trays; frozen; then blended again for a more 'real' ice cream.  This recipe, however is a quick-I want some ice cream right now- kind of recipe.

Blend the following, quantity from greatest to least:
Frozen bananas,
Peanut butter (or other nut butter),
 Non-Dairy Milk/Coconut Milk,
Cocoa Powder,
a tiny bit of agave nectar or honey,
1 tsp Vanilla,
1 tsp Coconut Oil (opt but good for you--and TASTY)
 I used my 'ninja' food processor, but I think a regular blender would work just fine.  Blend till desired consistency.  I leave a few little pieces of cashew for a little crunch. *  Note, if you use just-ripe bananas it will taste less banana-like.  If you use overripe bananas it will taste like...bananas.  Which could be good- just depends what you're going for.  
 Make your own variation with a frozen banana base- or maybe some other fruit?  How about maple pecan ice cream using a little real maple syrup and some pecans?  Avoid the saturated fat and sugar of traditional ice cream, improve your health, and hit that 'ice cream craving' with real food.
For a less fat version make this chocolate shake I used to make all the time.  But don't feel guilty about eating a little of this recipe...don't forget that these are good fats for the health of your brain, dry hair, dry skin, and lots more.  And don't forget that good fats will help kids with their behavior ( my kids devour this ice cream!) and it helps those suffering from depression.  These fats and oils are the ones they are talking about that should be eaten in moderation for your health.

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Jessica @ Dairy Free Betty said...

Your font is so awesome! (is that weird that I commented on that?)

I love ice cream, and I've never thought of adding cashews! YUM!